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Okay I’m slipping

February 17, 2013

My newfound resolve is failing. I tried being more active in EVE and while the sense of being ~involved~ is pretty big it’s also isolating in a way. It’s pretty fun to stay up until 3 AM and watch 500 people fly around in space ships to stop guys from blowing up our stuff. But all you can really do is just sit there and listen. What I really want to do is *talk*. For someone who hates talking this is such a strange feeling. Also, staying home isn’t helping either. I need to get out. Somewhere. Anywhere. I’ll admit it, seeing cute girls does improve my day. And I can’t really see them here. I’m also bothered by my lack of drive. I don’t know what I want to *do* with my life. I’ve been bothered by that for years now. What I wanted to do I’m apparently not very good at. And to be honest didn’t really enjoy. Sooooo WTF do I do to make a living?


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