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March 5, 2013

Okay. My plan of action. First up, refresh my math skills. They’re the most important skills an engineer can have and I’ve forgotten about ten times more about math than most people ever learn. After I refresh my math skills, onto physics to get a handle on basic problem solving, then some programming. I could try learning C, but finding a nice windows environment is frustrating. Then onto more advanced thing like real engineering problems. When am I going to start this? This week would probably be best, though next week is more likely. I’ll finally have some time to myself then.

In addition to strengthening my mind, I’ve started trying to strengthen my body. My sedentary nature over the past year or so has probably contributed to these bouts of depression. So I’ve started trying to run. I haven’t gotten very far yet, as in I haven’t made it a full mile without switching to a walking pace, but I’ll just keep trying. I figure about once every two days is a good starting pace. Give my muscles some time to rest.

I was originally going to write a much more depressing post, but I figure those thoughts just reinforce themselves. I didn’t have the best day, though it’s kinda my own fault. There’s a girl at the coffee shop by me who apparently thinks I’m cute, though she apparently kinda gave up after I didn’t pay attention. I was deep in my “no emotions” phase at that point though, and coming out has been rough. I didn’t even really pay attention to her until recently. She’s actually…really freaking cute. She’s not quite the kind of girl i would have been initially attracted to so I was a little surprised. My frustrations with not even being able to look at her and feeling held back by the fact I don’t have a job yet and I always go to the shop with my freaking mom and sometimes sister doesn’t help. I don’t think it’ll go anywhere but I figure I’ll walk up sometime next week by myself. I’ll maybe even try small talk. Though to be honest that sounds terrifying at this point D:


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